Over 30 years
of combined experience
in a variety of cases

With years of experience and expertise in various cases,
we are on your side to make sure you are not alone!

Family Law

Our family law team will help you tailor your case to fit your priorities and ensure that you thrive in your new life.

Real Estate Law

Our team of real estate lawyers are here to discuss and investigate the important aspects of your property aspirations.

Criminal Law

We defend individuals and entities charged with criminal offenses in Ontario, with uncompromising dedication to our clients’ best interests.

Civil Litigation

Our litigators provide legal representation for a variety of cases, including contract breaches, real estate disputes, debt collection, defamation, and wrongful dismissal.

Corporate Law

We ensure that our expertise in used in such a way to meet your business needs, no matter how large or small your transaction may be.

Wills & Estate Law

Our trained estate lawyers can assist you in creating a will that will help you leave the legacy you have worked so hard to create.

Immigration Law

Our professionals help determine the best immigration route to Canada. Submit a complete application package – our lawyers are available to help.

Over 30 years
of combined experience
in a variety of cases

The firm has been in existence since 2013, most recently rebranding itself as Bozai Law PC. Asim Mehdi Khan was the original founder and current managing partner of the firm.

Throughout his over 15 years in practice, he has observed two very disturbing themes that have existed in the vast majority of law firms. The first being that of clients effectively becoming regarded as simple file numbers and thus an entry onto a balance sheet.

The second being that of the community in which the firm exists has no such representation within the firm. The creation of this firm has sought to change this trend and treat clients as more than just a file by appreciating and understanding their core goals in whatever legal matter they bring to our attention.

Our attorneys

We Understand & We’ll Help!

Asim Mehdi Khan

Managing Partner, ext. 220

Asim was born in Montreal, Quebec and
grew up in Toronto, Ontario. He received
his Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in
International Relations from York.

David Olesen

Associate Lawyer, ext. 222

David carries a broad practice
emphasizing all facets of business,
commercial and corporate law, mergers
and acquisitions, and real estate sectors.

Eni Hanxhari

Associate Lawyer, ext. 223

Eni is an Associate at Bozai Law. Her practice focuses on Family, Civil and Selective Criminal Law.

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