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Eni is an Associate at Bozai Law. Her practice focuses on Family, Civil and Selective Criminal Law.

Eni read her law degree at City, University of London in London, England.

Whilst completing her law degree she worked with the Centre of Criminal Appeals, the National Centre for Domestic Violence and the legal department at King’s College Hospital London. She also participated in various mooting competitions throughout her studies.
Upon graduation, Eni worked at a prestigious firm in London, England for 3 years before returning to Canada to complete her accreditation process.

In Canada, Eni has practiced predominately in litigation matters. She has worked at various firms and practiced all fields of law, however she was always drawn to litigation matters in family, civil and criminal law.
Eni is of Albanian heritage and speaks Albanian and Turkish fluently. She lived in Istanbul, Turkey for two years prior to entering law school.

In her spare time she enjoys travelling, reading and baking along with assisting her mother with their family business.

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